Did you know Liberty Univ harbors and promotes a HATE GROUP?

Hate watch



This “Christian” University speaks only for themselves and not others.

The evil of this school goes much deeper. Keep reading.

Mat Staver; Head of Liberty Counsel
Mat Staver; Head of Liberty Counsel

Here are some examples of statements from Liberty Counsel and their client, Scott Lively. Lively has instigated gay hate overseas and is facing federal crimes for what he has put in motion.

Mat Staver

(1)   Mat Staver:  Quote ver batim on audio:   “If you ultimately promoted same sex marriage and EVERYONE started to go towards same sex marriage what would happen to society?  It would simply cease to exist.”  

Everyone will decide to be gay? With all due respect, this statement is so nonsensical it doesn’t warrant a response. Is that a legitimate fear?

(2)   Mat Staver also falsely “linked homosexuality to pedophilia and claimed homosexuality is the result of childhood abuse.”

This is direct attack on me the father. There has been no pedophilia nor abuse. In fact I have never spanked my boys or used any physical force.

Matt Barber 1
Mat Barber: Graduate of Pat Robertson’s school and member of Liberty Counsel.

Matt Barber

(3)   Matt Barber: “The push for gay marriage was never about equality but rather Christians

to celebrate deviant homosexual behavior.”  

My son has never taken part in deviant homosexual behavior nor have I met anyone who wants to “celebrate it” (what would that even look like?).

(4)   Matt Barber: “There will be Christian persecution widespread across the U.S. and the so-called gay marriage agenda will be the sledgehammer used to crush the church and to crush religious liberty and crush individual Christians, their finances, to ruin them.”

                  How does one go about crushing a group one wants to be a part of? The gays I know want to be part of the church. No sledgehammers. I have become involved in Gay Christian affirmation. These are people that want to be included in the church.

                    Ruin Christian finances? Really? You are really trying to squeeze LGBT’s  into a box, aren’t you? You ostracize and repel gays and then once outside your circle – you paint them with evil motives. It reminds me of the quandary the blacks in the old South faced. They would be evicted from their home only to be arrested for vagrancy. What kind of Christianity is being practiced here?

Scott Lively: "Westboro Baptist" crazy; exporting hate overseas
Scott Lively: “Westboro Baptist” crazy; exporting hate overseas

 Scott Lively

(5)   Scott Lively:  “Homosexuality is worse than murder and genocide… If the Supreme Court strikes down state bans on same-sex marriage, it could lead to the rise of the Antichrist by the end of the year.”

Lively claims an end-time false messiah is on its way? A message to Liberty: You stake your reputation through your support of this hate monger. This man needs help… and it isn’t legal help.

(6)    Scott Lively:  “In his book “The Pink Swastika,” Lively claims homosexuals [are] the true inventors of Nazism and the guiding force behind many Nazi atrocities.”

                  Lively has a gay brother and sister. Perhaps he should focus on his own family before destroying LGBT’s globally. Religious freedom? Please.

By far, the most breath taking aspect of all of this is Liberty Counsel’s defense of Scott Lively – the exporter of detestation. Like many religious quacks before him, Lively is another in a long line of cranks who is specifically predicting the end time (because the world doesn’t fit with his jaundiced and prejudiced views). Besides this, he has taken part in nefarious activities like encouraging Russia to harshly penalize gays. In Uganda he as instigated the formation of laws to kill gay people and/or minimally imprison them for life.

Hate watch

                It is distressing that this terrorism is being influenced and financed by American Christian hate mongers. Liberty Counsel has proudly advertised that they would be legally defending Scott Lively. Liberty Counsel is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (above).  I would think that when a Christian group is considered a hate group that a self audit of one’s philosophy and activities would be in order. Romans 2:1 states, “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.” It is also unfathomable that Liberty complains about lack of religious freedom when its actions their own unfettered actions would have them summarily dismissed from any club, company, or public institution. It is power that Liberty wants; the power to exercise its over-privileged sense of superiority and entitlement in order to strip liberties from people who are guilty primarily of minding their own business.



Apparently Liberty places “terrorism” within the confines of “religious Liberty.” In what appears to be the first “blowback” to these actions, a federal appeals court in Massachusetts has rejected a petition by anti-gay activist Scott Lively to dismiss a complaint alleging he violated U.S. law by influencing the laws of a foreign country. The suit also alleges Lively encouraged government-backed acts of violence against gays in Uganda as a result of his anti-gay rhetoric, specifically remarks he made when addressing members of the nation’s parliament in 2009. Below is a picture I took  of a Ugandan Bishop who was forced to take asylum in the U.S. He was on the dreaded “Top 100 Homo” kill list. I met him in Washington D.C.
2014: Ugandan Bishop fled to US to avoid being hanged.

Tia Maria



Scott Lively in the “Pink Swastika” describes that homosexuality found in the Nazi Party contributed to the extreme militarism of Nazi Germany. Critic Erik N. Jensen regards the authors’ linkage of homosexuality and Nazism as the recurrence of a “pernicious myth” that has been long dispelled” by “serious scholarship”

pink swastika


“Nature” is not 100 per cent consistent. Nature provides diversity and even unwanted conditions. Has Liberty considered the damage it could cause young people?  Matthew 18:6 says, “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.How can Liberty not see that it is sabotaging itself and the fragile esteems of of teens caught in their cross fire. The behavior is beyond stunning.

If Liberty had its way… what is “unnatural” would be done away with. This would mean anything on the “tail” (outliers) of a normal distribution.

Over 7 feet?  GONE.

Unusually bright?  GONE.

Down’s syndrome?  GONE.



Liberty is in a position to stop the hate but chooses not to. Influence, instigation, and incitement of harmful behavior is not an innocent act. This is why Scott Lively has been charged federally. People see what is happening with the dangerous hate speech and Liberty’s feigned lack of accountability. May I remind Liberty that RICO laws were set up for set up to hold the “head of the snake” responsible for damage caused. Liberty University already has blood on its hands.

A dad and his son


(Letter to Liberty Univ where I enrolled as a grad student in ministerial studies… and now am really re-thinking it): This letter is concerned with my young boy. My son. One of my adopted twins. He is not sick – but he is gay. I have read inflammatory statements from Liberty Counsel (legal arm of Liberty U) that I would never, ever hope that my 17 year old son would have to hear.


My boys with their grandfather (my father; now deceased)

At an age of nine months, we (the mom and I) adopted our twin boys on just 12 hours notice. We picked them up in just diapers and t shirts. Our friends brought cribs, food, diapers etc… we had everything we needed that night. They were our miracle babies. The help we received reminded us of an Amish barn raising.


I respectfully remind Liberty that when its representatives use hyperbole and nasty rhetoric to describe gays that it affects a wide swath of people – Christians and non-Christians. As parents, we are trying to raise our gay son the best way possible. Billy did not ask to be gay. He told us he did not choose this orientation. If Liberty (Liberty Counsel) wishes to speak with integrity on the LGBT issue, you must jettison the chimera that gay orientation is a choice.


Frankly, at this point in time in time, the “choice” claim can be seen as a delusional posture. My son isn’t lying to us. He has no motive . Nor are the approximate 12 million LGBT citizens in the U.S lying. It is both statistically and practically impossible that all of these people would select a life that they would never choose. When one adds the collapse of Exodus International, NARTH being banned from court (labeled junk science in NJ), and a number of states pushing for a ban of reparative therapy… the writing is on the wall. If I point at the noon day sun and you claim to not see it… you aren’t being honest.

Me J B

I know my son. I know parents of other gay children. It is disconcerting and wrong for any of us to be labeled as “gays with an agenda.” Teens are at risk just by being gay. They are 8.5 times more likely to commit suicide. Our only “agenda” is raise a happy Christian young man in a world with options and choices. What I want for Billy are the paths of happiness and fulfillment that were available to me. If that is being selfish on behalf of my son – then count me as selfish.  

Many comments I have read are wildly irresponsible and reckless. It is estimated that 65 % of people are gay or have a family or friend that is. Therefore, when speaking about gays, please assume that you are speaking to an LGBT or a supporter of one. The LGBT (and friends) community  feels marginalized  when it is assumed they they can’t hear the conversation going on right under their nose. We hear you and we don’t like what is being said. It is despicable…. (letter heads in a different direction)