A dad and his son

(Letter to Liberty Univ where I enrolled as a grad student in ministerial studies… and now am really re-thinking it): This letter is concerned with my young boy. My son. One of my adopted twins. He is not sick – but he is gay. I have read inflammatory statements from Liberty Counsel (legal arm of Liberty U) that I would never, ever hope that my 17 year old son would have to hear.


My boys with their grandfather (my father; now deceased)

At an age of nine months, we (the mom and I) adopted our twin boys on just 12 hours notice. We picked them up in just diapers and t shirts. Our friends brought cribs, food, diapers etc… we had everything we needed that night. They were our miracle babies. The help we received reminded us of an Amish barn raising.


I respectfully remind Liberty that when its representatives use hyperbole and nasty rhetoric to describe gays that it affects a wide swath of people – Christians and non-Christians. As parents, we are trying to raise our gay son the best way possible. Billy did not ask to be gay. He told us he did not choose this orientation. If Liberty (Liberty Counsel) wishes to speak with integrity on the LGBT issue, you must jettison the chimera that gay orientation is a choice.


Frankly, at this point in time in time, the “choice” claim can be seen as a delusional posture. My son isn’t lying to us. He has no motive . Nor are the approximate 12 million LGBT citizens in the U.S lying. It is both statistically and practically impossible that all of these people would select a life that they would never choose. When one adds the collapse of Exodus International, NARTH being banned from court (labeled junk science in NJ), and a number of states pushing for a ban of reparative therapy… the writing is on the wall. If I point at the noon day sun and you claim to not see it… you aren’t being honest.

Me J B

I know my son. I know parents of other gay children. It is disconcerting and wrong for any of us to be labeled as “gays with an agenda.” Teens are at risk just by being gay. They are 8.5 times more likely to commit suicide. Our only “agenda” is raise a happy Christian young man in a world with options and choices. What I want for Billy are the paths of happiness and fulfillment that were available to me. If that is being selfish on behalf of my son – then count me as selfish.  

Many comments I have read are wildly irresponsible and reckless. It is estimated that 65 % of people are gay or have a family or friend that is. Therefore, when speaking about gays, please assume that you are speaking to an LGBT or a supporter of one. The LGBT (and friends) community  feels marginalized  when it is assumed they they can’t hear the conversation going on right under their nose. We hear you and we don’t like what is being said. It is despicable…. (letter heads in a different direction)

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