Liberty University in mourning after defeat of hate


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It is a sad day at Liberty University. There is a recognition that hate will be defeated Hate is an important element at Liberty. It provides job security for hate groupslike Liberty Counsel. No hate. No jobs. See the characters below.

Gays (or “Homosexuals” as Liberty refers to them) will be protected (from “religious freedom”) in Indiana… and Arkansas… and likely Georgia.

The cult that is called Liberty recently forced students to listen to the bigoted like Ted Cruz… or be fined ten dollars. No free will. Lots of mind control.

Liberty’s worst fears have come true. Christians who read the Bible correctly spoken. People of compassion have also spoken. It is a worst case scenario for Liberty. Heaven Forbid… gays will be treated as people! Imagine that. Perhaps Liberty Counsel will find a new group to hate.


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Scott Lively: "Westboro Baptist" crazy; exporting hate overseas
Scott Lively: “Westboro Baptist” crazy; exporting hate overseas

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Exactly which of these sanctioned marriages is considered a biblical marriage?


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